Our production and packaging facility in Seaforth, Ontario is certified BRC, Kosher, and Organic. We can handle everything for you from seed sourcing to packing and shipping, eliminating the need for middlemen, meaning we are able to keep our costs low and can pass those savings on to you!

The following packaging services are available:

Single Serve Pouches

We can package your single serve products into pouches ranging in size from 3''x3'' to 5''x9'' using our double headed fill packaging equipment. Provide us with your pouch design and we can do the rest!

Retail Package

We have the equipment in place to package any size of retail product in a variety of packaging formats including bags, pouches, or jars. We can vacuum pack or nitrogen flush your product or simply heat seal it closed. Our computerized lot coding system will ensure that your product has the correct lot code and expiry and can be traced back to the original seed source.

Bulk Packaging

We can also package your products in bulk in sizes ranging from 10 kg to 1 tonne. We can package into totes, bags, or boxes.