Frequently Asked Questions

What are sprouted grains?

The traditional practice of soaking or sprouting grains, seeds, and legumes has been around for centuries, but has recently been revived as part of a desire for whole, minimally-processed, and natural foods. When a seed is germinated, a flurry of biochemical reactions takes place within the seed to prepare the seed to grow into a plant. These reactions unlock vitamins and nutrients that have been locked away in the seed and make them more bioavailable. We only sprout the seeds for a short period of time (less than 48 hours) before all of the nutrients are used up in supporting the growth of the plant.

How are the grains sprouted?

Our sprouted grains are soaked and germinated in a controlled environment for up to 48 hours until a tiny little white sprout emerges from the seed. We then immediately dry the seed in a very low temperature dryer to preserve the nutrients and enzymes produced during germination. Once the seed is dry, it is shelf stable and can either be milled or left whole depending on the seed or grain.

Which allergens could be present in Everspring products?

In our HACCP certified facility, we process products that contain wheat and gluten, however, cross-contamination prevention methods are in effect to ensure none of our non-gluten products come into contact with wheat or any other gluten-containing products. We also do swab tests regularly to ensure that our sanitation and cross-contamination methods are effective.

How is sprouted flax powder and sprouted chia powder used as an egg substitute in baking?

Both sprouted flax and sprouted chia make an excellent egg substitute in baking. To substitute for one egg, simply mix 1 tablespoon of flax powder or chia powder with 3 tablespoons of warm water and let stand for two minutes while it thickens up.

How is my order shipped and how long will it take to ship?

We use Canada Post to ship all of our orders. Shipping time will depend on where you live. For orders going to the Maritimes or Western Canada, the estimated shipping time is 6 business days. For Ontario and Quebec, the estimated shipping time is 3–4 days. For orders heading to the U.S., expect a shipping time of 5–10 business days.

Can I order products in bulk?

Absolutely! Send an email tosales@everspringfarms.caand tell us what you are looking for. We will get back to you with a bulk price and will ship it out to you using whatever shipping method is most cost-effective.