We believe food is integral to our health and well being. That is why we are dedicated to providing food products that enhance or maintain the nutritional integrity of food.

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife team, Dale and Marianne Donaldson, as a niche poultry farm specializing in gourmet duck and goose products. To provide a year round source of fresh grass for their geese, they began growing sprouted barley grass in a hydroponic unit on the farm.

Soon people were asking for the enzyme-rich grass juice for their own use. One thing led to another and slowly over the years they expanded their business to meet the growing demand in the emerging functional food sector.

Today, joined by the second generation of Donaldsons, Everspring Farms operates two facilities both located in the beautiful town of Seaforth, Ontario. While sprouted grains and seeds remain a key focus, Everspring has also expanded into providing the services of custom milling, drying, blending, and co-packing. Private label production and packaging is offered to a wide range of customers located in Canada and the United States.


Creating a sustainable environment with agri-business associates that promotes an attitude of innovation and entrepreneurialism through constant improvement in the spirit of abundance.


  • Dedication...
    Never give up on our vision. The path to get there is negotiable.
  • Integrity...
    Be true to our vision and values.
  • Abundance...
    Everything is a win-win situation. There is plenty for everyone.
  • Receptivity...
    Listen to others and recognize everyone has a need.
  • Honesty...
    Recognize the truth even if it is difficult to accept.
  • Passion...
    The entrepreneur is nothing without passion.


Providing food products that encompass quality and innovation, satisfying the demands of a changing and diverse marketplace.

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